ESCC 2023


ESCC 2023 took place in Heraklion City, Greece, on June 5 – 9, 2023 under the auspices of the University of Florida, the University of Thessaly, the Rutgers University, the Cyprus University of Technology, the BRNO University of Technology, the Coimbra Business School | ISCAC, the Istanbul Technical University and the Ivey Business School .


Monday, 5 June 2023

Session 1: Operational Research
(1) İr. D. Argun & E. Doğruca “Green Digital Transformation in Manufacturing”.
(2) V. Nevrlý “Complex Case Study on Waste Collection Routing Problem: Barriers, Critical Parameters and Size Reduction Techniques”.
(3) D. Can & Ü. Çolak “Mathematical Model Proposal and Cost Optimization in the Creation of an Emission Reduction Roadmap for the Industrial Enterprise in Turkey”.
(4) C. O. Henriques, Marcenaro-Gutierrez, O. D., Lopez-Agudo, L. A & S. Sousa “Material Living Conditions over Time by Gender Across Europe: A Window Data Envelopment Analysis Perspective”.
(5) J. Pluskal, R. Šomplák & B. Zach “Design and Optimization of Membrane-based Carbon Capture System”.

Plenary Talk
Assistant Professor Maria do Castelo Gouveia
Assessing Quality of Life across Europe

Plenary talk
Professor Dr. Panos Pardalos
Energy Systems

Session 2: Transportation and Energy Efficiency
(1) D. Poul “Tools and Methodical Approach to Multimodal Waste Transport Modeling”.
(2) El. Manousakis, G. Sideris, R. Baldacci & Em. Zachariadis “The multi-Vehicle Set Orienteering Problem”.
(3) G. Taherkhani, B. Ghaddar & S. A. Alumur “Data-driven Hub Network Design for Shared Mobility”.
(4) A. Ajanovic “The Impact of the Size of Electric Cars Size on its Economic and Environmental Performance”.

Session 3: Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change
(1) R. Haas “Heading Towards Competitive and Sustainable Electricity Markets“.
(2) D. Zachos, G. Bakalis & N. Alamanis “Investigating the Effect of Factorial Variables of a Product’s Life Cycle, on its Environmental Performance, based on Simplified Life Cycle Assessment Scenarios”.
(3) G. Kayakutlu, M. F. Baysal, H. Çağdaş Yatkın & Ir. D. Argun “Application of Regional Electricity Tariff and Estimation of Electricity Prices Throughout Turkey”.
(4) C. Şutaşdemir, M. Özgür Kayalıca, G. Kayakutlu & Ün. Çolak “The Effect of Possible Carbon Pricing on Renewable Energy Investments and Emission Reduction Practices in Türkiye”.
(5) C. Beatrice, M. V. Prati, C. Fittavolini & M. Susannini “Drop-In Utilization of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) in a Locomotive Diesel Engine”.

Tuesday, 6 June 2023

Session 4: Energy
(1) M. Procházková, M. Vondra, M. Touš & V. Máša “Efficient Reuse of Wastewater from Industrial Laundries”.
(2) St. Tsoka, K. Tsikaloudaki, K. Velikou & Th. Theodosiou “Impacts of Climate Change on the Energy Performance of Prefabricated and Conventional Buildings”.
(3) L. Migliari, M. Petrollese, G. Cau & D. Cocco “Preliminary Design of an Innovative PV-PTES System to Enhance the Energy Efficiency in the Tertiary Sector: A Case Study”.
(4) St. Theodoraki, D. Plakias & K. Atsonios “Implementation of Chemical Looping Combustion Technology with Waste-Derived Fuels: Process Analysis and Techno-Economic Evaluation”.
(5) L. Aresti, C. Michailides, T. Onoufriou & P. Christodoulides “Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Systems in the Mediterranean Sea: Availability and Cold Water Pipe Effect”.
(6) L. Aresti, Ch. Makarounas, G. Florides & Paul Christodoulides “Implementation of Energy Geo-Structures for Micro-Scale District Heating and Cooling in Mediterranean Environment”.
(7) Oğ. Durmuşoğlu, M.Özgür Kayalıca, G. Kayakutlu & D. Güven “Do Financial Performances of Turkish Energy Companies reflect their Sustainability Performances?”.

Plenary Talk
Professor Gülgün Kayakutlu
Sustainable Electricity after Earthquake

Plenary Talk
Professor Dr. Mohsen A. Jafari
Impact and Value Proposition Analysis of Renewable Integration

Session 5: Energy and Environment
(1) Aik. Gkika, F. Gakis, Ef. Zacharis & Il. Manolis “Improving the Power Distribution Grid Resilience through the Integration of Distributed Energy Resources: Case Studies in Greece”.
(2) On. Němček & St. Honus “Reducing CO2 Production and Emissions through CO2 Capture, Torefaction, Additivation and Catalysts”.
(3) N. Alamanis, Th. Chrysanidis, D. Zachos, N. Xafoulis, Gr. Papageorgiou & Sp. Kotsopoulos “Environmental Disasters from the Occurrence of Dynamic Phenomena”.
(4) An. Dumitru, An. M. Tanase, S. Iftimie & Ir. Lascu “Anode Modification with Polypyrrole-Derived Carbon Nanostructures for the Improvement of Microbial Fuel Cells Performance”.

Wednesday, 7 August 2022

Session 6: Natural Resources & Power Systems
(1) Y. N. Kontos, N. G. Xafoulis, Th. P. Karachaliou & K. L. Katsifarakis “Optimal Design of Small Solid Dams’ Systems in Mountainous River Basins, using GIS and Genetic Algorithms”.
(2) G. Kayakutlu, Em. Uz, M. Ozgır Kayalica, Ir. D. Argun “Power Production by using the Hydroelectric Power Plants and Cost Effect on Electricity Market in Turkey”.
(3) J. Naoum-Sawaya “Optimization Models for Water Pump Scheduling”.

Session 7: Emissions
(1) D. Horňák & M. Touš “Wastewater Recycling in Dairy Industry Using Membrane Processes”.
(2) F. Murena & D. Toscano “Identification of High Emitting Sources of Airborne Pollutants in Historical Centers”.
(3) Th. Chrysanidis, N. Alamanis, Gr. Papageorgiou & M. Andreadou “Does the Area Seismic Zone Affect the Cost of Construction of a R/C 10-Storey Building with Spring Supports and the Resulting Emissions?”.
(4) M. M. Badami, R. Tohidi, V. J. Farahani & C. Sioutas “Investigating the Sources of Water-Soluble and Water-Insoluble Metals and Trace Elements of Ambient Coarse and Fine PM in Los Angeles”.