ESCC 2021


ESCC 2021 took place at  Center of Culture and Arts “Theatrini”, Volos, Greece, on August 30 – September 3, 2021, under the auspices of the University of Florida (UF)-USA, the University of Thessaly (UTH)-Greece, the Rutgers University, the Cyprus University of Technology, theBRNO University of Technology and the Khalifa University.

The book of Abstracts is available HERE


Monday, 30 August 2021

Plenary Talk
Associate Professor Dr. Martin Pavlas
Network Flow Models and Local Environmental Impacts

Session 1: Energy & Environment I
1) L. Aresti, P. Christodoulides, Ch. Makarounas, L. Lazaris & G. Florides “A Comparative Environmental Impact Study of Ground Source Heat Pump Systems”.
(2) T. Csoknyai, L. Czétány, V. Vámos, M. Horváth, Z. Szalay & Z. Deme-Bélafi “Analysis of Electric Consumption Patterns in the Hungarian Housing Sector Using Clustering Techniques”.
(3) M. Frondel “Market Premia for Renewables in Germany: The Effect on Electricity Prices”.
(4) O. Němček, S. Honus & J. Chojnacki “Lowering CO2 Emissions and Carbon Footprint Using Algae Cultures and their Application to Arable Land”.

Plenary talk
Ms. Theodora Antonakaki
Climate crisis: A View from the Bank of Greece and the Case for Adaptation

Session 2: Energy I
(1) Ch. Vrettos “The Post-Growth Transformative Capacity of Energy Communities in Greece”.
(2) I. Zenginis, J. Vardakas & Ch. Verikoukis “A Reinforcement Learning Approach for the Real-time Energy Management of a Smart Home”.
(3) Al. Saranti, K. Boson, St. Genoud, F.M. Cimmino & N. Imboden “Towards an Innovative Economical Mechanism for the Energy Renovation of Hotels. The CREnHOM Project”.
(4) P. Christodoulides, P. Pouloupatis, L. Aresti, V. Messaritis, S. Tassou & G. Florides “Efficiency and Design Aspects of Ground Heat Exchangers: A Parametric Analysis”.

Session 3: Natural Resources & Emissions
(1) K. Sukačová, D. Vícha, D. Tatarová, P. Lošák, V. Brummer & V. Máša “Microalgal Technology for Carbon Capture“.
(2) S. E. Sbai & F. Bentayeb “Climate Changes during and after the Lockdown (COVID-19) in the North-Western Cities of Morocco”.
(3) Ch. Matsouka, L. Boniati, A. Evdou, V. Zaspalis & L.Nalbandian “La0.7Sr0.3BO3 (B=Fe, Mn, Co) Perovskites as Oxygen Carrier Materials for the Preparation of Dual Phase (combo-DP) Membranes for CO2 Separation”.
(4) G. Kalantzis & G. Saharidis “LIFE GreenYourRoute Platform”.
(5) J. Fortea, L. García, J. Ruiz, M. Oliva & J. Arauzo “Adsorption of Propylene Glycol in Aqueous Solutions on Activated Carbon: Kinetics and Fixed Bed Experiments”.
(6) S.H. Moon, D. Lee & Y. Kim “Evaporation Heat Transfer Characteristics of R600a in Micro-Fin Tube”.
(7) V. Máša, M. Touš & V. Miklas “Industrial Wastewater Treatment – Trends and Perspectives”.
(8) M. Vondra, M. Touš, V. Miklas & M. Procházková “Processing of Digestate from Biogas Plants”.

Session 4: Natural Resources & Emissions
(1) Th. Chrysanidis, Gr. Papageorgiou, N. Alamanis, D. Mousama & E. Tzatzo “Impact of Seismicity to the Construction Cost of the Load-Bearing Structure of a 5-Storey R/C Building and Resulting Emissions “.
(2) N. Alamanis, D. Zachos, Gr. Papageorgiou, Th. Chrysanidis, N. Xafoulis & Ev. Paschalis “Comparative Study Determining the Characteristic Elements of a Support Retaining System Anchored on the Top, in a Deep Trench for Buried Energy Pipelines, with a Vertical Excavation Front”.
(3) N. Xafoulis, Ev. Farsirotou, Sp. Kotsopoulos, A. Psilovikos & N. Alamanis “Flood Inundation Mapping using 1D/2D Numerical Model. A Case Study of Flood Event in Greece”.
(4) Ev. Paschalis, N. Alamanis, Gr. Papageorgiou, D. Tselios, A. Zahidou & I. Boufikos “Energy Production through Water Supply Network. Τhe case of Larissa City, Greece”.
(5) Ph. Lokkas, N. Alamanis, N. Xafoulis, Gr. Papageorgiou, Ev. Paschalis & D. Zachos “A Consistent Approach on the Optimization of the Existing Forms of Energy”.
(6) Gr. Papageorgiou, Ev. Paschalis, N. Alamanis, D. Zachos & Th. Chrysanidis “Evaluation of Static Slope Stability Methods, Regarding to Areas with Buried Gas Pipelines, Sewerage and Cable Networks”.
(7) Th. Chrysanidis “Experimental and Analytical Investigation of the tensile Strain Impact on the Buckling of Highly-Reinforced Structural Walls and their Sustainable Design”.

Session 5: Operational Research I
(1) M.M. Denk & C. Oğuz “An Empirical Analysis of Renewable and Fossil Energy Investment Decisions Based on Policy Instruments: A Global Study with Mathematical Models “.
(2) A. Muyesseroglu & I. Duzdar “EV Charge Station Locating Problem-Case study: ITU Campus”.
(3) G. Dinc Yalcin, C.Y. Ozsoy & Y. Taskin “A Multi-Objective Mathematical Model for the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Placement Problem”.
(4) J. Marques, G. Oliveira, J. Silva, S. Teixeira & J. Teixeira “Implementation of a Forest Fire Propagation Model”.
(5) N. Tsolakis, E. Aivazidou & D. Bochtis “Human-Robot Synergy in Agriculture: A Real-World Automated System for Driving Operations Efficiency and Rural Welfare”.
(6) M.S. Mustafaoğlu, G. Kayakutlu & Ö. Kayalıca “EFRI Model: Finding the Optimum Free Electricity Amount”.
(7) C.-H. Li, J.-B. Jhang & W.-M. Yan “Performance Comparison of Different Channel Types and Air Flow Rate for Vacuum Membrane Dehumidifiers”.

Session 6: Energy & Environment II
(1) J. Nebie,T. Daho, S. Zongo, B. BAGRE & I. Konkobo “Experimental Study of a Box-Type Solar Cooker using Jatropha Oil as a Sensible Heat Storage Material “.
(2) T. Correia, J. Silva, J. Teixeira & S. Teixeira “Energy and Comfort in Buildings”.
(3) G. Yeni, M. Zafaranchi, G. Kayakutlu & Ö. Kayalıca “A Load Scheduling Model for a Smart Public Building”.
(4) C. Molochas, A. Brouzgou & P. Tsiakaras “Carbon supported Ultra-Low Pt (Pd x Pt y ) Electrocatalysts Preparation, Characterization and H2-PEMFC Performance”.
(5) W. Lee, W. Yang & Y. Kim “The Performance Improvement of PEMFC by applying Magnetic Field under Various Conditions”.
(6) L.S. Kyrgiakos, G. Vlontzos, G. Kleftodimos & P. Pardalos “Assessing Input Use Deficiencies using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) in Durum Wheat Production”.
(7) C. Molochas & P. Tsiakaras “Current Progress on CO Tolerant Anode Electrocatalysts for H2- PEMFCs”.

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Plenary Talk
Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Bouabid
A Systems Approach for the Integration of Renewable Energy in Key Industrial Sectors in the UAE

Session 7: Operational Research II
(1) C.O. Henriques, M.C. Gouveia & L. Dias “Assessing the Eco-Efficiency of the Electricity Sector through a Novel Productivity Index inspired by the Value-Based Data Envelopment Analysis”.
(2) M.C. Gouveia & C.O. Henriques “Sensitivity Analysis in Value-Based DEA Method applied to Eco-Efficiency of the Electricity Sector across EU”.
(3) Z. Moza & G. Saharidis “Vehicle Routing Problem: Modeling & Solution Approach”.
(4) A. Fragkogios, Z. Moza & G. Saharidis “Solving Travelling Salesman Problem with Multiple Benders-decomposed Subtour Elimination Constraints”.
(5) G. Saharidis “GreenYoruFreight: Innovative optimization matching algorithm for green last mile delivery of good in urban and sub urban regions”.

Plenary Talk
Professor Dr. Panos Pardalos
Energy Systems

Session 8: Bioenergy, Biosensors & Electrochemistry
(1) G. Papapolymerou, A. Mpesios, M. Metsoviti, A. Papadopoulou, N. Gougoulias & D. Kasiteropoulou “’Carbon Uptake Rate and Biomass and Lipid Productivities of Chlorella Protothecoides cultivated Heterotrophically with Crude Glycerol”.
(2) G. Balkourani, A. Brouzgou, K. Molochas & P. Tsiakaras “Me-N-C (Me= Fe, Co) Electrocatalysts with EDTA-derived N for Dopamine Electrochemical Detection”.
(3) H. An “The Closed-Open Truck and Loader Routing Problem for Biomass Transportation from Satellite Storage Locations to a Bioenergy Plant”.
(4) S. Thangavel & W.M. Yan “Bioenergy Production employing Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC) with Honey Comb Flow Straighteners”.

Plenary Talk
Senior Adviser at the United Nations Mr. Jan-Gustav Strandenaes
Mr. Jan-Gustav Strandenaes
The Agenda that Changed the World – Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Session 9: Society 5.
(1) J. Morawska-Jancelewicz & E. G. Carayannis “Society 5.0 and Industry 5.0 ad driving Forces for Co-Creating Sustainability. Quintuple Helix Approach”.
(2) J. G. Strandenaes “The Agenda that Changed the World – Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals”.
(3) D.L. Eric “Science – Society Relations: A Global Framework and a Case in Practice”.
(4) G. Dima & V. Tanasiev “Embedding Service-Learning within HE Curricula to tackle Contemporary Challenges of University-Community Engagement and Partnerships”.
(5) A. Betts “Inclusive and Green Internationalization Initiatives”.

Session 10: Society 5.0
(1) M.P. Volpi & B. Moraes “The Use of Biogas as a Source of Bioenergy within 1G2G Ethanol Biorefineries Through Residues Co-Digestion”.
(2) J. Quevedo, I. Herrera, Y. Pérez, E. Benzant & A. Arias “Modeling Energy Systems to Contribute to the Sustainable Development of the Dominican Republic”.
(3) N. Yang, N. Korfiatis & D. Zissis “Mapping the Sustainability Discourse in Digital Entrepreneurship: An Analysis of Investment Allocation of Sustainability Focused Tech Start-Ups”.

Session 11: Supply Chain & Maritime
(1) K. Spanaki, M. Fakhimi & S. Despoudi “Sustainable and Digital Agricultural Supply Chains: A State-of-the-Art Review on AI‑driven AgriTech Research”.
(2) M. Benioudakis, D. Zissis, A. Burnetas & G. Ioannou “Coordinating Decisions of Delay-Sensitive Customers via Service Provision Aggregators”.
(3) D.V. Lyridis, Ch. Ntakolia, M. Douloumpekis, Ch. Papaleonidas & V. Tsiampa “Stochastic Modelling for an LNG Refueling System Design”.
(4) N.A. Kyriakakis, Th. Stamadianos, M. Marinaki & Y. Marinakis “The Electric Vehicle Routing Problem with Drones”.
(5) E. Sdoukopoulos, V.M. Perra, M. Boile, L. Efthymiou, E.Dekoulou & Y. Orphanidou “Supporting Economic Sustainability of Cruise Destinations in Greece and Cyprus”.

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Plenary Talk
Professor Dr. Soteris Kalogirou
Renewable Energy Systems: Current Status in the World and Prospects

Session 12: Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change I
(1) L. Kumar & A. Aggarwal “Climate Change: Awareness and Responses of Indian Corporates”.
(2) K. Tsatsakis & A. Tsitsanis “Towards the Optimum Combination of Decentralised Flexibility Assets in the Markets Creating Benefits to All The Actors in the Smart Grid Value Chain”.
(3) C. García-García, C.B. García & R. Salmerón “Is the Level of Education a Relevant Factor influencing the Air Pollution Attitudes of the Countries? A EU-28 Case of Study”.
(4) T.-F. Yang, Y.-C.Chen & W.-M. Yan “Study on Airflow and Temperature Distributions in a Data Center”.

Session 13: Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change II
(1) P. Georgilakis, V. Evangelopoulos & Th. Kontopoulos “Competition of Aggregators in Local Energy Markets”.
(2) J. Pluskal, R. Šomplák & J. Kůdela “Design of Transport Infrastructure with Respect to the Specific Features of Case Studies”.
(3) V. Nevrlý, R. Šomplák & V. Smejkalová “Modelling Opportunities of Waste Production Quantities and Future Generation Rates”.
(4) B.K. Ameyaw & F.K. Agyei “Profits and Access along Ghana’s Charcoal Commodity Chain”.

Session 14: Renewable Energy
(1) B. Bagre, I. Muritala, M. Boukar, Y.W. Gounkaou, T. Daho, A. Rabani, J. Nebie & Sh. Babajide “Development of Sensible Heat Storage Material using Dune Sand, Clay and Ash Waste”.
(2) Ch. Pagkalos, St. Markolefas, M. Koukou, E. Douvi, J. Konstantaras, G. Dogkas, Y. Caouris, M. Vrachopoulos ““Development of a Novel Compact Flat Plate Solar Collector Integrated with LHTES Tank: Finite Element Analysis to Evaluate Optimum Tank Insulation and Structural Analysis of the Supporting Base”.
(3) G. Spiliotopoulos, L. Tsipouras & V. Katsardi “Assessment of Wave Energy Solutions to Complement into a Hybrid System of a Floating Offshore Wind Energy Farm in the Aegean Sea”.
(4) M.A. Fazal & S. Rubaiee “Effect of ZnO Doped Phase Change Materials on the Efficiency of Photovoltaic Solar System”.
(5) T. Görmüş, B. Aydoğan, B. Ayat & T. Çarpar “Wave Power Projections for the 21st Century in the Black Sea”.
(6) R. Inglesi-Lotz “Institutional Factors in the Heart of the Renewable Energy Adoption in South Africa: A System Dynamics Approach”.

Session 15: Renewable Energy
(1) V. Miklas, M. Touš & V. Máša “Winery Wastewater Treatment: Synergy Between Model and Experiment for Air Stripping Unit”.
(2) V. Turek, Z. Jegla & B. Kilkovský “Designing Integrated Equipment for ‘Waste-to-Energy’ Processes”.
(3) M. Procházková & V. Máša “Recovery of Secondary Raw Materials from Industrial Waste Water”.
(4) K. Bryszewski, J. Rodziewicz, A. Mielcarek & W. Janczukowicz “Anaerobic Stabilization of Electrochemical Sewage Sludge”.
(5) R. Raso, A. Lete, L. García, J. Ruiz, M. Oliva & J. Arauzo “Valorization of Glycerol through the Aqueous Phase Hydrogenolysis Process to Obtain Value-Added Products”.
(6) D. Szwarc & K. Szwarc “Disintegration with a Pulsed Electric Field and its Effect on Methane Yield from Grass Silage”.
(7) A. Nowicka, D. Szwarc & K. Szwarc “Use of a Pulsed Electric Field in the Pre-Treatment of a Lignocellulosic Substrate Before Methane Fermentation”.
(8) S. Paz, C. Rubio, Á.J. Gutiérrez, D. González-Weller, V. Martín & A. Hardisson “Toxic Metals in Seaweeds from a North Atlantic Ocean Region (Tenerife, Canary Islands) – A Sustainable Production Area of Edible Seaweeds”.