This year, ESCC Conference takes place on Corfu Island
and more specifically at the Ionian Academy, Corfu.

The Ionian Academy was the first University in Greece of modern times. It operated in the island of Corfu from 1824 to 1864, prior to the Union of the Ionian Islands with the Greek State. It was founded as a higher education institution by Frederic North, Count of Guilford and Lord of Education of the Ionian State, while the latter was under British rule. At first, the University’s Seat was the island of Ithaca. However, the seat was transferred in Corfu when the Greek War of Independence (1821) broke out, with the official inauguration of the Ionian Academy on the 29th of May 1824. The foundation of the University was met originally with negative reactions. The Ionian Academy would enable social classes other than aristocrats, who until then were the only class which could afford university studies, to access higher education. Consequently, the exclusivity of aristocrats on positions of authority and public office was threatened. Other concerns were about the cost of operation, and the openness of the Ionian Academy, since it would accept students from any part of Greece and not exclusively from the Ionian State.

Contact Info

Ionian Academy
Address: Academias & Kapodistriou, Corfu, Greece
Telephone: +302661087609
Lat/Long: 39.62103741177484, 19.923658014687827