ESCC 2018

5th International Conference on Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change

ESCC 2018 took place at Gryparion Cultural Center, Mykonos Island, Greece, on June 4-8, 2018, under the auspices of the University of Florida (UF)-USA, the University of Thessaly (UTH)-Greece and University of Calgary -Canada.

The book of Abstracts is available HERE

ESCC 2018

Here is the Programme of the Conference and some of the presentations that are available online.

Plenary talk (08:30-09:15)

Assistant Professor Dr. Caroline H-Vermette

Towards net zero carbon buildings and neighborhoods


Session 1: Energy & Sustainability (09:30-11:45)

Chairman: V. Máša

(1) Ch. Dara & C. Hachem-Vermette “Life Cycle Assessment: Low Energy and Low Carbon Modular Housing in Canada”.

(3) N. Alamanis & P. Dakoulas “Simulation of Random Soil Properties with the Local Average Subdivision method (L.A.S)”.

(4) E. Shayesteh “Risk Index in Economic Generation Operation in Power Systems with Renewable Sources’’.

(5) T. Junne, N. Wulff & T. Naegler “Material Demand in Global Energy Scenarios, Distribution of Stocks and the Role of Recycling: The Case of Neody mium, 

Dysprosium and Lithium”.

(6) D. Zissis & G. Ioannou “Coordination in Decentralized Logistics Systems Through a Multi Period Game-Theory Model”.

(7) D. Hanak, S. Michalski & V. Manovic “Clean coal technologies based on calcium looping combustion”.

(8) Al. Belenky & Al. Kornhauser “Estimating the Cost of Developing a Chain of Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles on Highway”.


Plenary talk (12:30-12:45)

Professor Dr. Andreas Poullikkas

Moving towards new energy era.


Session 2: Energy Systems (13:45-15:15)

Chairman: Chengbo Man

(1) Al. White “LED Lighting Systems and Energy Savings”.

(2) K. Tung, D. Yu & A.S. Fung “Feasibility Study of Smart Fuel Switching System with Residential MicroCHP in Cold Climate”.

(3) V. Máša & M. Touš “Laundry Process Improvements Towards Energy and Water Savings in Military Camps”.

(4) M. Touš & V. Máša “Waste Heat Recovery from Diesel Engines in Military Camps”.

(5) M.Chronopoulos“The Value of Modular Design and Project Scale for Alternative Green Investment”.


Session 3: Climate Change, Environment & Renewable Energy (15:30-17:15)

Chairman: M. Touš

(1) M. Vermette “Changing the Climate for Change”.

(2) G. Hailu, Ph. Hayes & M. Masetller “Seasonal Solar Thermal Energy Sand-bed Storage in a Region with Extended Freezing Periods”.

(3) J. Menéndez & L. Jorge “Flooded Underground Coal Mines in NW Spain: Geothermal Energy Source”.

(4) N. Voulvoulis “The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the Circular Economy: Optimisation Options”.

(5) P. Devasirvatham & Sv. Kallen “LIFE REGENERATE: Revitalizing Multifunctional Mediterranean Agrosilvopastoral Systems Using Dynamic and Profitable Operational Practices”.

(6) Br. Zanetell “EmPOWERment: Addressing Climate Change through Community Solar and Community College Education”.


Session 4: Fuels, Bioenergy & Renewable (17:30-18:45)

Chairman: M. Vermette

(1) J. Liu, B. Li & J. Zhu “Investigation on Pulverized Coal Char Conversion Behavior Using a Developed Kinetics Model”.

(2) A. Scognamiglio & Fr. Frontini “International Experiences Ongoing on the Use of Photovoltaics in the Built Environment. Starting Points for New Research Development”.

(3) P. Ch. Chan, R. Alves de Toledo, H.I. Iu & H. Shim “Enhanced Anaerobic Co-digestion of Food Waste and Domestic Wastewater by Zinc Supplementation and Intermittent Feed


(4) R. Belavkin & P. Pardalos “Power-law and Maximum Entropy Optimization of Large Networks”.


Plenary talk (08:30-09:15)

Professor Dr. Gülgün Kayakutlu

Robust optimisation as a response to uncertainties in energy use


Session 5: GreenYourMove – Energy, Ecology and Environment (09:30-11:00)

Chairman: A. Belenky

(1) G.-E. Kastori, G. Papadimitriou, P. Katsis, Ch. Kouridis & G.K.D. Saharidis “Co-modal Emission Calculation and Inventory Methodology”.

(3) Ch. S. Ioakimidis, K.N. Genikomsakis & K. Gotsis “CERTAINER, advanCed smart E-bike sharing with poRtable ecofriendly auTonomous wireless chArging statIoNs and Emissions



Plenary talk (11:15-12:00)

Professor Dr. Panos Pardalos

Optimization, modeling, and data Sciences for sustainable energy systems.


Springer Presentation (12:15-12:45)

Christian Rauscher, Springer Executive Editor – Business/OR/MIS

Publish Your Research: Why, When, Where, How?.


Plenary talk (13:45-14:30)

Professor Dr. Jose C. Principe

Ultralow power computation for the internet of things (IoT).


Session 6: Intelligent Planning & Decision Making in Energy Industry (14:45-16:15)

Chairman: C. Ioakemidis

(1) E. Mercier-Laurent & G. Kayakutlu “Innovation Based Projection of Energy Future”.

(3) Asl. Dalgın & Fr. Rousseaux “Turkish Day Ahead Market Electricity Clearing Price Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Network”.

(4) A. Ozozen & M.O. Kayalica “Optimal Bidding Strategies for the Day-Ahead Power Market Participation of a Wind Power Plant”.


Session 7: Emissions (16:30-18:00)

Chairman: D. Zissis

(1) V. Papaioannou & A. Simpson “Variability in the UK Grid Carbon Intensity and how it can Inform Controlled Charging Strategies of EVs”.


Plenary talk (08:30-09:15)

Professor Dr. Andreas K. Athienitis

Towards the smart solar buildings and communities of the future in Canada.


Session 8: Decision Making and Optimization (09:30-11:45)

Chairman: A. Fragκogios

(2) A. Tash, Au. Dobbins, Is. Bailey & Ul. Fahl “Actors’ Behaviour Analysis in a Decentralised Energy System: The case of the German energy supply sector”.

(3) M. O’Byrne, B. Ghosh, Fr. Schoefs & V. Pakrashi “Inspection of Marine Renewable Energy Devices”.

(4) I. Clímaco & M.C. Gouveia “Assessing of the Impact of Fiscal Incentives to Promote Electric Vehicles Using the Value-Based DEA method”.

(5) Ch. W. Hui “Energy Capital Tradeoff for Heat Exchanger Network with Variable Stream Data”.

(6) D. Rizopoulos & G. Saharidis “Timetable Synchronization of Public Transport”.

(7) R. Agliardi & El. Agliardi “A Structural Model For Green Bonds”.


Plenary talk (12:00-12:45)

Professor Dr. Professor Soteris A. Kalogirou

Renewable energy systems: Current status and prospects.


Session 9: Energy Efficiency (13:45-15:15)

Chairman: F. Kauf

(1) Gr. Panayiotou, G. Bianchi & P. Christodoulides “Waste Heat Recovery Potential Assessment in the European Industry”.

(2) L. Aresti, G. Florides, V. Messaritis, L. Lazaris & P. Christodoulides “Ground Heat Exchanger Model Validation Through Software Comparison”.

(3) S. Kalogirou, R. Agathokleous & P. Ktistis “Potential of the Parabolic Trough Collectors Use in the Industry of Cyprus: Current Status and Proposed Scenarios”.

(4) P. Pouloupatis, G. Florides, V. Messaritis & P. Christodoulides “Efficiency of Geothermal Heat Exchangers and design factors in Cyprus”.

(5) M.-A. Segreto, R. Preka, M. Tarantini, G. Margareci & M. Piazzi “Making Public Schools Energy Efficient: The TEESCHOOLS Project in Emilia-Romagna Region”.


Session 10: Operational Research, Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change (15:30-17:00)

Chairman: A. Belenky

(1) F. Kauf “Heat Pump Concept With an Integrated Ice Storage and Alternative Refrigerants for Buildings”.

(2) G. Tsatsaronis & T. Morosuk “Improvement of Energy-Conversion Systems Using Advanced Exergy-Based Methods”.

(4) E. Kostarelou & G. Kozanidis “Exact and Heuristic Bilevel Programming Algorithms for Optimal Price Bidding of Energy Producers in Multi-Period Day-Ahead Electricity Markets”.

(5) A. Fragkogios & G.K.D. Saharidis “An Accelerated Benders Decomposition Method Applied on Crude Oil Scheduling”.


Session 11: Electric Vehicles, Smart Grids & Energy Transmission Networks (17:15-18:45)

Chairman: E. Kostarelou

(1) Al. Filatov, M. Vasilyev & R. Zaika “Ownership Unbundling and Monopoly Privileges in Electricity Transmission”.”

(2) Al. Vasin, Ol. Grigoryeva & N. Tsyganov “Energy Markets: Optimization of Transmission Networks”.

(3) Iv. Zorin & D. Pozo “Graphical Models for Transmission Expansion Planning”.

(4) N. Aisenberg & N. Voropai “Coordination of Interaction between Various Types of Consumers and Power Supply Company for Demand-side Management”.