4th International Conference on Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change

ESCC 2017 took place at Bellonio Culture Centre, Santorini Island, Greece, on June 12-14, 2017, under the auspices of the University of Florida (UF)-USA, the University of Thessaly (UTH)-Greece and University of Munich (Unibw)-Germany.

The book of Abstracts is available HERE

ESCC 2017

Here is the Programme of the Conference and some of the presentations that are available online.

Session 1: Energy & Environment (9:45-11:30)

Chairman: P. Andrianesis

(1) C. Hachem-Vermette “Impact of Design approach of cold-climate greenhouse on Energy performance and GHG emissions”.

(2) M. Frondel “Germany's Energiewende: A Tale of Increasing Costs and Decreasing Willingness-To-Pay”.

(3) D. Zissis “Environmental Considerations in Supply Chain Management”.

(4) P. Broukos “Optimized Wastewater Network Topology of a typical resident with the use of metaheuristic algorithms’’.

(5) J. Chontanawat “The causal relationship between pollution, energy consumption and output in Southeast Asia Countries’’

(6) J. Liao “Deep removal of thiophene from coking benzene”

(7) G. Kayakutlu " Bayesian Network for Using Electrical Vehicles as Power Storage"

Session 2: Fuels (14:00-15:45)

Chairman: O. Pechak

(1) F. Li “Impacts of Ca/Na compounds on coal gasification reactivity and char characteristics in H2O/CO2 mixtures“.

(2) L. Yan “Effects of low molecular compounds on catalytic reforming of gaseous tar during coal pyrolysis”.

(3) Y. Bai “Effects of gasification atmosphere and temperature on char surface morphology and pore structure evolution during the gasification”.

(4) M. Wang “Structural evolution of a bituminous coal char relating to its synchronized gasification behavior with H2O and/or CO2”.

(5) L. Chang “Effects of mineral matters on the interactions between lignite and corncob during temperature-progammed co-pyrolysis”.

(6) S. Pisupati “Role of CO in affecting CO2 gasification reactivity of biomass chars generated from a high pressure laminar flow reactor”

Session 3: Renewable Energy I (16:00-17:15)

Chairman: D. Zissis

(1) Z. Dong “Combine state-of-the-art machine learning models using stacked generalization to forecast hourly solar irradiance for tropical regions”.

(2) K. Yoshikawa “Small-scale biomass gasification and power generation combined with carbonization/briquetting pretreatment”.

(3) C. Voyant “Kalman filtering and classical time series tools for global radiation prediction”.

(4) Q. Tran “Characterization and pyrolysis kinetics of Thai Napier grass and agricultural residues”.

Session 4: Renewable Energy II (17:30-19:00)

Chairman: P. Broukos

(1) W. Rivera “Experimental Assessment of a Solar Cooling System for Ice Production”.

(2) B. Torkfar “Feasibility of Using Solar Thermal System for Power Generation in Residential buildings in Middle East”.

(3) W. Yang “A computational analysis on the performance of a PEM fuel cell with short-side-chain membrane”.

(4) S. Herrmann “Efficient utilization of biogas in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells”.

(5) E. Baltas "Assessment of a Hybrid Renewable Energy System (HRES) in a small island in Greece"

Session 5: Operational Research (09:45-11:15)

Chairman: A. Kortsari

(1) D. Wang “A Problem of Non-target Convergence Methods”.

(2) M. Pourakbari Kasmaei “Environmentally Constrained Economic Dispatch Problem— A Unified Model”.

(3) M. C. Gouveia “Study of the potential of fuel tax reforms to curb carbon emissions from road transport using the Value-Based Data Envelopment Analysis method”.

(4) A. Fragogios & G.K.D. Saharidis “Applying Benders Decomposition”.

(5) O. Korukcu “Optimum Rotor Design for a Wind Turbine”.

Session 6: GreenYourMove & Greek LIFE Task Force (11:30-13:00)

Chairman: C. Ntakolia

(1) P. Stratakis “Greek LIFE Task Force”.

(2) G. Saharidis “LIFE GreenYourMove”.

(3) J. Diaz “Eco-driving by replicating best driving practices”.

(4) A. Kortsari & G. Aifadopoulou “Achieving sustainability in transport through the novelties of the 100% electrically powered ferry”.

(5) C. Ntakolia “Air Traffic Management Programming for minimizing energy costs”.

(6) C. Ioakeimidis “A short-term rental E-Bike system for city/island transportation”.

Session 7: Energy Efficiency (14:00-16:00)

Chairman: C. Ioakemidis

(1) C. Tian “Integrated system of vapor compression and thermosyphon based on three-fluid heat exchanger: A reliable and effective way for cooling energy-saving of data centers”.

(2) H. Reichel “Forecast of recoverable Thermal Energy during the Extrusion of Thermoplastic Pipes”.

(3) D. Kim “Analytical Study on the SCOP Improvement of a Vapor Injection Heat Pump”.

(4) C. S. Heu “Improving thermal performance of organic phase change material”.

(5) J. Lee “Macroscopic behavior of frost growth on the flat plate according to surface temperature”.

(6) Y. Yoon “Optimizing defrost heater control in frost-free household refrigerators”.

(7) S. Moustakidis “Machine learning & application to energy projects”.

Session 8: Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change I (09:45-11:00)

Chairman: S. Moustakidis

(1) S. Demin “Potential conflict zones in Barents Sea”

(2) G. Florides “The effect of CO2 and the sun on global climate”

(3) S. Kalogirou “Thermal properties of rocks and compilation of geothermal maps of Cyprus”

(4) W. Gao “Energy Target of a Fluid Machinery Network in a Circulating Water System”

Session 9: Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change II (11:15-12:45)

Chairman: P. Christodoulides

(1) F. Liu “Bottleneck Identification of Multiple impurities water networks”

(2) O. Pechak “Assessing uncertainties for climate change mitigation and adaptation pathways”

(3) L. Rosa “Emission of CO2 in Construction Materials: Ceramic Bricks and Soil and Cement Bricks, What is the Highest Emission?”

(4) V. Nik “Synthesizing typical and extreme weather files for the impact assessment of climate change on buildings”

(5) P. Andrianesis “Cost-Based Recovery Mechanisms in a Duopoly with Non-Convex Costs”

Session 10: Energy Systems (14:00-16:00)

Chairman: A. Fragogios

(1) P. Christodoulides “Integrated solar flat plate collectors and passive solar floor heating in buildings”

(2) M. Vega “Thermodynamic design data of a single effect LiBr-H2O absorption chiller provided with a membrane-based microchannel absorber for air conditioning applications”

(3) M. Gleinser “Demonstration of the feasibility of the Misselhorn Cycle - Simulations on Thermal Inertia and Residence Time”

(4) K. Chrysagis “Introduction to European Funding – H2020”

(5) C. Ntakolia “Innovative Technology for District Heating and Cooling (InDeal Project H2020)”

(6) G. Kahwaji “LV versus MV Chillers: Comparative Analysis of the Electrical Requirements and Environmental Impacts”

(7) J. I. Huertas “Agricultural burning impact area”